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10 July 1988
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Hi! My name is Andrea. I live in Birmingham, AL, and will be moving to Auburn, AL, in the fall of 2011 so that I can transfer to Auburn University. I have my Associate's degree in Business Management, and I've changed my major back to Hotel and Restaurant Management for my Bachelor's degree.

Before I'm done at Auburn (probably around Fall 2013), I plan on applying for the Walt Disney World College Program for hospitality, concierge, vacation planner, and Photopass photographer. After that, I'm hoping to apply for a Professional Internship within the company in either event planning, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, or lodging management. I'm really excited about my future and I can't wait to get all this started!

I have a boyfriend named Jon. We've been together since 2004.

I'm a big fan of Halloween, but I love celebrating all holidays. I, obviously, love everything Disney, but I'm also a big fan of Universal. I love the Universal Monsters legacy, as well as the theme parks and resorts. I love to travel and experience new things. I also love planning vacations and parties.

Another one of my interests is vintage pin-ups. It was always a dream of mine to do a few vintage-style pin-up photos myself. I finally got around to doing that in 2010 and now I'm kind of hooked. I can't wait to do more!

In case you can't tell from my username, I'm vegan and have been since May of 2004. I was vegetarian for a year before that. Being vegan means I don't consume anything that comes from an animal. I also don't wear leather, wool, fur, or silk. And I try my best not to use products that are tested on animals or contain any animals ingredients. I also like to recycle : D

I enjoy going on picnics, cooking themed food, and listening to movie scores.

I've been pretty shy my entire live, but I'm trying to open myself up more now that I'm finally getting to move away from home. I would love to meet some new friends with similar interests/goals - especially if they live in my general area!

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